What’s New On Instagram?

Social Media Updates. 

Instagram is constantly updating its application and adding new features. What are the recent updates? Continue reading to learn more!

  • Everyone can now add links to Instagram Stories regardless of their followers’ count. 

Instagram announced that as of October 27th, all users could add links to their Instagram Stories, where they recently introduced the link sticker tool, when it was only available with over 10,000 followers only. 

  • Instagram introduces a new video format and bids farewell to IGTV. 

Instagram announced that IGTV and feed videos would be combined into one format: Instagram Video. The IGTV profile tab will be replaced by a Video tab, making it easier for users to browse an account’s video content in one place only. 

  • Instagram releases Account Status and Outage Updates. 

After October’s six-hour outage that affected Facebook applications, Instagram released two new tools to provide users with more information. The company is testing in-app notifications in the USA that will alert users to ongoing outages or bugs. These notifications will appear in the Activity Feed. A second tool called “Account Status” makes it easier for users to appeal content violations. 

  • Instagram added a new Reels effect. 

Instagram added three new video editing features for Reels, the platform’s answers to TikTok: 

  • Superbeat: this handy tool helps users create videos that are paced to the beat of the audio clips of their choices while also applying edits based on selected audio tracks. 
  • Dynamic Lyrics: this karaoke-style effect automatically ads song lyrics to a Reel for users to sing along. 
  • 3D Lyrics: the same as all the above but in 3D features.
  • New metrics added to the Insights. 

During the first Product week, Instagram announced the addition of three new analytics metrics to Instagram insights. The newly added metrics help creators and business accounts to get a better understanding of how their content is performing on the platform. 

The new metrics in Instagram included: 

  • Accounts engaged: this metric option will tell you how many accounts interact with your content on Instagram over a particular time. 
  • Engaged audience: this metric can collect demographic information relating to users who engage with your account and content, whether they are your followers or not. 
  • Reached audience: this metric provides demographic insights into all people over some time.
  • Access Instagram direct messages from your desktop 

The long-awaited feature brands were awaited. Instagram’s direct messages are now accessible through the desktop version of Instagram. 

These updated features can increase your sales but don’t forget to stay updated with us on different social media platforms.


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