Top Tricks to Boost Your Facebook Engagement.

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Are you a content creator and want to learn how to increase Facebook engagement quickly? Continue reading this article for tips and tricks that work!

The word ‘engagement’ can be terrifying, but Facebook engagement is the holy solution for success for social media marketers. Facebook engagement is crucial because it can extend your organic reach and helps in boosting your News Feed according to the Facebook algorithm. Also, likes and shares can expose your posts to your audience as well as their expanded network. Engagement also indicates that your audience is attracted to the content that you are posting. The engaged audience always wants to interact with your content and brand, which marketers should aim for. 

Engagement on Facebook is any action that someone makes on your Facebook page of one of your posts. The most known examples are reactions, likes, shares, comments, link clicks, and video views. 

How to increase Facebook engagement? Essential tips and tricks that work. 

  1. Teach and Entertain 

Facebook’s audience is not looking for any sales pitch and will not engage with one. Instead, they will engage with content that makes them smile, improve their lives, and think in some way or another. For example, if you are a delivery company, don’t just post pictures of your products, but you can also share memes, quotes, lifestyle inspiration pictures, or customer feedback. 

  1. Know Your Audience 

What is entertaining and inspiring to you might no be inspiring to everyone online. When seeking engagement, the wants and needs of the audience are what matters the most. It is tricky to understand the needs and wants of your audience unless you already understand your audience. Facebook Page Insights provide you with plenty of helpful information about your audience, analyze the information thoroughly and look for unexpected details that can help you in creating a more solid and meaningful connection with your fans and audience. 

  1. Focus on Quality 

When people scroll through content quickly, there will be no time to post infographics, text, images, or videos. If you are running out of organic content, considering content curation is a great way to share informative content that holds quality and gets your audience excited. 

Quality doesn’t have to be difficult to understand or costly, but Facebook suggests keeping things simple with consistent color schemes and recognizable images.

  1. Be Relatable 

Whether sharing behind-the-scenes content, presenting vulnerable and honest sentiments, standing up for your values, or sharing memes that can acknowledge relatable experience making your audience hungry for authenticity. For example, football organizations don’t pot about the excitement of the games or the attractive pictures of soccer players. Still, it celebrates the real volunteers working outside the spotlight to help make their competitions happen. So, don’t be afraid to get more intimate with the content that you post. Being over polished can feel cold to the audience. 

  1. Ask Questions 

Interesting questions are great ways to have an active comments thread. Such as: 

  • What is your favorite [fill in the blank]?
  • How do you [complete the action]?
  • Do you agree with [a notable sentence, person, event, activity, etc.…]?
  • Why do you [like this product, service, brand, or event]? 

You can also ask your fans about the type of content they would like to see on your page. Give them what they asked for and make this targeted content have more inspiration for more engagement. 

  1. Get Active on Facebook Groups 

Creating a Facebook group is an excellent way to attract fans to get involved and engaged. More than 2 billion people use Facebook groups with meaningful interactions to develop brand loyalty and increase engagement on Facebook pages. Joining relevant Facebook groups is also a great way to connect with entrepreneurs with similar interests and thought leaders in your industry. 

  1. Use Facebook Stories 

Like Instagram Stories, Facebook stories appear at the top of the News Feed, which is an excellent placement for drawing attention to your content, especially considering that 500 million people use Facebook stories daily. This informal way of sharing content can allow you to post as often as you prefer, without draining your fans’ News Feeds since people expect production quality to lesson stories. You can be more personal during the moment to build stronger connections with your followers. 

The engagement rate formula can measure the number of interactions on social media content to earn relative to reach more audience figures. These reactions include comments, likes, shares, saves, mentions, direct messages, and click-throughs. 

There are several ways to measure engagement rate on Facebook using different calculations that can better suit your social media objectives. You can measure engagement through reach, posts, impression rate, and so on. 

With these tips and tricks, you will be ready to tackle Facebook like a professional. If you are still hungry for more ideas to grow your social channels, stay updated with us for more related articles. 

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