Top Logo Design Sins That You Should Avoid!

Logo Designing. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business with an excellent idea for a new brand, you should start thinking about your logo. In this article, we will discuss the top logo design sins that you should avoid. 

Copying Other Designs.

This is a big no-no. Copying designs should always be avoided like the plague, as they will bring a bad reputation to your agency and make your brand indistinguishable from other logos. One of the most common excuses that copycats give is that the logo copying was unintentional, especially if they were copying a famous logo. Therefore, another logic is that the excellent picture of the bigger brand will transfer to your own if you use a similar design. The reality can not be further from the truth. You will only look unoriginal and unprofessional. 

Too Many Colors 

Using too many colors is as bad as using too many words. Relying on color too much might lead to you forgetting about other elements of your logo and the design itself. You always have to keep in mind that colors support the entire idea behind the logo design. Furthermore, black and white designs are a lot more versatile. If you have to use your logo in a different style where the colors can be different, a black and white logo can be lifesaving. You can still choose the amount of black or white use to have different shades of gray. 

Too Many Words

Being too literal is a terrible idea. You can make your logo by stylizing your brand name, but that is still not the same as using several sentences in the logo design instead of focusing on the icon only. Furthermore, logo designs are full of words that are not versatile and not as memorable as they should be. It is just wrong in every way possible. Making your logo simple by using fewer words will make the logo: 

  1. Not confusing.
  2. Timeless. 
  3. Easy to read and attract. 
  4. Versatile. 

Too Simple 

Just like being too stuffy can harm your logo design, making it too abstract is also a problem. Logo minimalism is excellent to a certain extent only. You still have to remember that using it sparingly should be one of the rules you must follow. Here are some tips when choosing logo simplicity: 

  1. Simplicity is great for versatility: unlike complex designs, simple designs prove to be more versatile. Therefore, if you decrease the size of a simple logo, you will discover that the elements are still differentiated. 
  2. Simplicity can be artistic: simple designs can be used by businesses that provide creative services or produce innovative products. Abstract designs are one of the most well-known movements in the history of art. 

Poor Font 

The logo font is something that will either save your logo or ruin it. It is imperative, and you should never overlook to choose the perfect font for your logo. There are two ways that your font choices can go wrong. First, if you go over the top with the font you choose, you might look unprofessional and silly. Your brand name might be unreadable and straightforward, resulting in a complete rebranding. 

Second, if you ignore fonts, your brand will look uninspiring and ambiguous, failing to represent what your company stands for, making it unoriginal and quickly forgettable. You have to remember that choosing the right font for your logo will your brand’s personality. Choose between modern or classic fonts, typed or hand-drawn, funky, or severe. Fonts send subconscious messages to the viewers. This is why they are significant for your logo design.

Last but not least, as long as you remember not to make the above sins when designing your logo, you will be on your way to success. As Content Dream Team, we hope that this article was helpful and insightful for your logo designing. In the comments below, tell us what other logo design mistakes you have made before?

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