Top 5 Changes Happening on YouTube in 2021!

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Learn which new features, rules, and trends you should be aware of in 2021 if you have a YouTube channel. 

Changes in YouTube Monetization 

Youtube is changing the terms of services in 2021, allowing content creators to monetize their channels outside the YouTube Partner Program. This new monetization process is already available in the USA, and the rest of the globe will soon get this access. Therefore, YouTube will place ads on videos of YouTubers that aren’t in the partner program. The revenue of these videos will all go to YouTube.   

Video Chapters are Gaining More Strength 

Chapters were first introduced in 2019, where videos were broken into sections with separated previews for each. The branches can help viewers learn more about the content, gather more information, and rewatch different video parts instead of replaying the entire video. Video Chapters are generated according to the timestamps that the creator enters in the video description. In 2021, Video Chapters will also be shown on Google when you upload a video, and it falls in the recommended list. This allows users to navigate through the video and skip the video parts of their interest. 

YouTube Shorts are spreading to the rest of the globe 

Following the Instagram Reels trend, YouTube launched a new form of videos for YouTube Shorts content creators. These videos are 15 seconds long and can be created on cell phones and uploaded to YouTube instantly. Check our article about YouTube Shorts for further information about this update. 

Subscribers’ Count is Losing Importance 

The number of creators on YouTube was small, and it was easy to find the content you prefer to watch. But, this is changing in 2021 because a vast number of videos and video creators made it difficult for new channels to be recognized by viewers. To solve this problem, YouTube is filtering and recommending videos according to its algorithm. Many viewers don’t watch their subscription feeds but rather stay on the homepage. This is why YouTube is considering sorting the subscription feed to make it easier for navigation. 

Video Categories 

You might have already noticed that YouTube broke down different topics and video types that people regularly watch, such as cooking, photography, gaming, or music lessons. This feature is only currently available in English only, and this video category will be rolling out in different languages soon. 

Many features are also available in the new YouTube Studio, and viewers can notice the efforts that YouTube puts in developing new features. We are very excited to see all the latest updates that YouTube will add in the coming months. We hope that this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions, ask us in the comments section below!

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