Top 3 Updates On LinkedIn You Should Know About.

Social Media Updates. 

What are the new updates on LinkedIn? What difference will these updates make? This article will focus on the top 3 updates that Linkedin made on its famous platform.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Video Cover Story Option

LinkedIn is adding a new video option that allows users to make introductory videos that people can watch when they visit their LinkedIn profile, enabling them to categorize and introduce themselves when their profile is viewed. This tool also allows job seekers to share overviews of their skills and experiences. Businesses can also use this feature to promote their services, companies, and products. This update can be utilized in numerous ways by adding a new consideration into the users’ presentation in the application that emphasizes video content, making it a crucial part of LinkedIn and all other social media platforms. 

Gender Pronouns

LinkedIn also introduced optional gender pronouns at the top of the users’ profiles, allowing them to express their identity more. This is becoming essential because more than 60% of recruiters think it is crucial to know the users’ gender pronouns, and they also believe that it shows respect. 

Creator Mode

This option allows users to showcase their platform activity and engagement in a new way. When this option is turned on in a profile, users can select hashtags that indicate the topics they are primarily interested in and show them. It will also move the ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ to the top of the profile for a more prominent display of your content. The ‘Connect’ button will be updated to ‘Follow,’ allowing users to grow more in the application. This option will also provide a more significant focus on LinkedIn Live and highlight the content shared in the application. This update is LinkedIn’s focus on content creators on the application to support creators globally. This is also a significant addition if a user wants to build a more substantial LinkedIn presence and provide endless benefits with personal branding and businesses with profile-building efforts. 

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