Top 10 Tips to Gain More Readers for Content Writers!

Content Writing Pro Tips.

Effortless ways to get more people to read your content.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Not all marketers are writers, but almost all marketers have to write. If you are not someone who admires words, writing might be a headache. However, if you are: 

  1. A writer who recently joined content marketing from another field (literature or journalism)
  2. A marketer who doesn’t like writing and would like to learn. 
  3. A writer who would like to learn something new. 

Then this article is for you. 

To improve your writing skills and have more readers for your content writing, consider the following tips: 

  1. Understand Semantic Indexing 

When a good grasp on basic keyword research, the next step will be digging into semantic indexing. This term explains that search engines understand words on web pages and how they are related to each other. It is crucial to deal with incorporate keywords related to essential keywords throughout your content as a whole. This can help rank your content for a broader audience and drive more traffic back to your site. 

  1. Invest Time in Writing Outlines 

Little things can help a writer to save time for writing solid outlines. It can help in figuring out what you are planning to say before actually writing. A basic outline can be as follows: 

  1. Main keywords
  2. A brief description of the topic that you will write about and the problem that the content will solve.
  3. Brief description to the target audience. 
  4. Ideas for content upgrades. 
  5. A breakdown for content structure. 

3. Have Deadlines 

Set deadlines to have more time to finish your work but not more. How to know how long a task will take to establish a deadline? Timing yourself is the first crucial step, and it keeps a note of how long it takes you to finish an average piece of writing. Set deadlines that are a little bit shorter so you can challenge yourself to have more efficient work. You will find yourself getting more job done and faster, making your work have higher quality. 

4. Write First, Edit Later 

The first draft for everything always sucks. This includes everything that your favorite has ever written. Worrying about which words to get out first can be a heavy burden. So, train yourself to go back, refine and proofread your content before clicking on the publish button. 

5. Let Your Headlines Have Some Feeling 

If you want your content to go viral, hit your audience in their emotions. It doesn’t mean that you have to sound annoying and dramatic, but it also doesn’t have to include manipulative language using cheap tactics. However, having great headlines implies that your content will inspire readers to feel something when they click on your content link. 

Power Words for Emotional Headlines
Unique Remarkable Effortless TipsAttractive 
TerrificHow toBigValuable Quality
Fascinating EndorsedFundamentalsPowerfulSuperior
  1. Introductions that Hook

When readers land on your blog, you will not have enough time to hook their interest. It is essential to let your audience stay on your website instead of bouncing back and forth on Google. Nailing your introduction is a significant point to consider in your writing. Six ways to do that by: 

  1. Begin with an interesting fact, something that is true but hard to believe. 
  2. Begin with the end of your story first and build suspense along the way. 
  3. Use anecdotes as an opening and give your readers something that they can relate to.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Push readers off the cliff, not literally.
  6. Don’t be aggressive and bombard the readers with unnecessary information, but use typical behavior to your audience, like using statistics and studies as introductory sources. 
  1. Tone and Voice Understanding 

Your writing tone is very effective; if you are writing for a company, you should use that company’s voice. For instance, if you are writing for the yoga industry, you can’t sound like you’re writing for a meme page. It is not easy to write in a voice that is not yours, but it can help define your brand’s tone and voice. 

  1. Write Better Title Tags and Descriptions

Title tags are the blue links that appear on search engine pages. Descriptions are the snippets that appear underneath those links. As Google experiments how search results appear, users will approximately have more than have 70 title tags and more than 150 characters for meta descriptions. Therefore, how can you write these correctly? 

  1. Write primary keywords in the title tag because they are the most crucial SEO elements you should pay attention to. 
  2. Make compelling meta descriptions while writing attractive short snippets to sell searches on Google, keeping in mind keeping your posts on top of search engines.
  3. Don’t over-write those title tags because readers will not enjoy seeing extra and unnecessary text. 

9. Repurpose the Content in your Blog Posts

It is an easy process to save time by repurposing the articles and posts you have written before and publishing them on different platforms. For example: 

  1. Use introductory paragraphs from your previous blog posts into emails sent to your current and new clients. 
  2. Use quotes as messages on social media. 
  3. Repurpose your YouTube videos into visual posts and articles. 

10. Use “You” More than “I.” 

People are selfish by nature, so your readers only care about the value that your content offers them. Stay mindful when you are writing and focus on your reader than yourself. It is easy to use “you” and “your” more often than using “I” and “we.” 

Suppose you have made it this far, congratulations! You’ve just made our article worth reading. We will not keep you here any longer because you have got work to do!

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