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Content Writing. 

You successfully didn’t consider the title above. Why are you still reading? Do you want to know what this article is about since it says NOT to read it? Well, continue reading. 

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Do you write articles that no one bothers to read? Do you spend time and effort writing pieces of content, but nobody would take a glance? Are you feeling devastated because your articles are being left unread? This article will clearly explain to you why you aren’t people reading your articles.

Maybe it’s because you don’t have your audience, you weren’t exposing your content in the right way and targeting your audience, or you weren’t sharing it on social media. 

You probably also don’t have a strategy to attract an audience and throw articles in mid-air, hoping anyone would catch it. Instead of having people preview the article you wrote, they will stop at yours and choose to read it. 

Not Having A Strategy

Are you posting whatever you think of whenever you feel like it? Most marketers don’t think strategically about the content they are creating, making it easy for you to ignore whatever you share. A decent content strategy can help you identify what you want to accomplish and how you will use it to achieve larger business goals, which means that it forces you to put intention behind the content that you are making. 

Not Enough Publishing 

When it comes to uploading content, quality beats quantity every day. If you are posting once a month, you are going to struggle to grab real attention. Consistency is critical to building trust and credibility with the audience. The idea is easy, and with more blogs being created, you’ll drive more traffic to your website. With more traffic on your website, you can prove to Google that your content is readable, making them understand that you are sharing important information. They will provide you with a boost to your content on the results page and bring more traffic and attention. 

Using No or Bad Tags 

When using the right platform, something might be hosting several problems which can be used as nasty tags. For example, on Medium, articles are noticed the most and have an increased chance of being found by others on the platform. It also allows five tags to be included, so use all five. 

Unattractive Graphic or Headline

Articles are not always about the words in them only, but it also depends on the used graphics. The entire point of creating content is to attract clients, leads, readers, and then communicating with them. If readers are leaving before making a positive impression, they will not click on your content or revisit your website. Furthermore, marketing is all about getting in front of customers and sending messages to get them to act. Casual readers are those interested in your content and can communicate your service and message. Choose attractive graphics and headlines to have more readers buzzing on your website. 

No Audience 

Being on a popular platform with an already built-in audience hosting many benefits like engaging with a community with other writers, bloggers and growing your audience. You may discover that even if you are on a popular platform, you still may be having trouble getting your articles to read. Therefore, just because a platform has many readers doesn’t mean that all the readers will click on your articles. 

Guest Posting

If you are a writer who is not looking to write on the platform, you can try out guest posting. Guest posting is an excellent way to expose yourself to new audiences built by someone else and has a fantastic way to be part of a different community. An excellent way to discover blogs and websites that accept guest posting is by exploring the website and finding something that says “Write for Us,” “Guest Posting.” Otherwise, you should Google the name of the site and one of the following: 

  • “GQ” + “Write for Us.”
  • “Self Improvement” + “Write for Us.” 

All in all, writing is not easy. It can be discouraging if no one reads the articles that you have spent hours writing and editing. It can discourage you from the craft of writing. If you choose to publish on a platform like Medium, always remember to use tags and the maximum number of tags, increasing your chances to be viewed, hoping people will click on your article. 

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