The Essential Types of Video Commercials – When is each one used?

“Viral” isn’t a type of Video.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

  1. Live-Action Videos

Live-Action Videos are recordings of either moving or still objects. It is mostly about real people, real locations rather than creating things digitally. It can showcase a spokesperson or focus on the people in your office. These videos can be funny, informative, educational, or entertaining. They are the best ways to grow an emotional bond with the audience; on YouTube, tutorial videos feature real people working very well to feature flesh and blood, generating empathy and understanding. Adding a human face to the digital interface to your live-action videos creates a pleasant contrast that can be a catalyst for your leads to take action, reach out to you, or even buy your product or service. Furthermore, making ‘About me’ videos can tell your own story about me. Videos are a perfect example of live-action videos because real stories with human faces add authenticity and credibility. 

To make a fantastic live-action video, you will need equipment to capture live-action videos – meaning, a camera. Decide on your desired style and budget, and get your videos rolling.

  1. Animation 

This is a video style made from several different still images, which, when played together one after the other, an illusion of movement is created. This is great for depicting something that is not found in the real world. For example, it is better to create imaginary characters than recreating them from authentic world images. It is also ideal if you don’t a film crew or actors or only in a quarantine. There are three significant kinds of animation; 2D, 3D, and stop-motion. 2D animation is like comics and cartoons. 3D animation is more advanced and has depth, dimension and is similar to modern animated video games and movies. Stop motion animation is made by capturing individual frames of real-world objects. 

  1. Motion Graphic Videos

This style of animation mostly uses text and pictographs as a form of communication; this form of video doesn’t tell a story but adds music, sound, and voice over to explain information with power. Motion Graphic Videos are mostly used to communicate complex ideas in a more easily understood way. It is ideal to use MGV when describing a service, product, or need to depict a particular result. Motion Graphics is an excellent source that gets work done. 

  1. Typography Videos 

Moving typography is an animation technique that mixes movement, words to express concepts and ideas. Some individuals are attracted to visuals, and others prefer written comments. Typography Videos are a great way to get the attention of both individuals. When seeing moving words, it will make it possible to evoke weight and sound. For example, thick and large words can sound heavy and loud, while flowing words are heard as effortless and soft. These videos are a great technique to use when you have a simple concept or a sentiment to share. Therefore, even if your clients don’t catch all the video words, they subconsciously record the sound or music to your video.

  1. Screencast Videos 

This is a digital recording of a computer screen that often contains voice-over narration. It is a method of teaching that is employed by tech businesses to showcase their products. Screencast Videos are the most efficient ways to explain particular application works. Explaining how to use an application through words and images can be pretty challenging. Screencast videos take the viewers through a procedure, and all you need to do is do what it says.

  1. Live-Action Screencast 

Live-action screencast videos combine between on-camera or screen videos with screencast videos. By switching between live-action and computer screen, it is possible to harness both options. Live-Action screencasts are a perfect option for YouTube videos and video blog posts because it solves the boredom of long videos, especially for those who want more entertainment with their education, live-action screencasts are the perfect solution.

  1. Live Streaming 

Broadcasts of live videos can reach straight to your viewers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and website. Live streaming videos are an excellent option for social media. It is a great option when you want to attract an audience into an intimate experience. Therefore, if you cover an event and want instant interaction from your audience, live streaming is a great way to go. It is essential to build traffic because this option works best when you already have plenty of followers. 

Finally, now that you know some crucial types of video commercials to be used in marketing, you can hit all the correct notes with the audience. Discover the style that best fits and works for you, get your video content rolling. Ensure that you stay dedicated to your brand identity and reach the best quality on the right track of video marketing. 

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