Social Media Outreach Strategies.

Outreach examples that will engage your audience. 

What are outreach strategies? How do you create an outreach strategy, and what is the most effective outreach method for social media?

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Social media is becoming one of the primary forms of marketing for several organizations. Having an effective outreach strategy is essential. A  successful outreach plan benefits your brand by attracting more clients and leads. It will also allow you to build a community while helping others create relationships through outreach strategies to achieve your goals.

Below are the steps to making an effective outreach strategy for your business:

  1. Create a Team: according to your business or organization’s size and its presence on social media, it is crucial to have several people running your outreach plan as part of their regular work task list. Choose members of your team who have excellent social media skills and know-how of each platform’s functionality. However, carrying experience in social media platforms for personal use doesn’t mean they will necessarily be experts. Analytical and marketing skills are required aspects when applying outreach strategies. 
  2. Have a voice: in this context, the mood is referred to the content’s general tone and spirit. The voice that you use on your target audience is your brand tone, message, and persona. Some descriptions of a tone are upbeat, positive, professional, or even sarcastic. Picking the right tone that best fits your business will help you carry your message more effectively. 
  3. Make a list: once you are aware of your outreach team and how they will function, you have to make a list of potential partners, influencers, and community members that can be targeted. This step is very crucial. Lookup influencers, whether they are a complimentary business/service or the local guru in your business, and add them to the list. For example, Twitter has a list option that people can use, but you have to start a spreadsheet to list all the users with their particular social media platforms. It will also allow you to sort each of them by platform, allowing you to see which ones are the most popular. It will also turn your focus and attention on the target accounts you want to reach.

Time and consistency: having an effective outreach strategy will have a mixture of both consistency and timing. Having great timing depends on few things:

  1. It is vital to apply your outreach to be timely with trending and current events.
  2. The responses must be made fairly and quickly. Don’t wait to respond or engage in a live conversation.
  3. You should figure out when the users on your list are active on social media and record their activity timing. This way, you can reach out to them for interaction. More likes, shares, and followers will be on your account. At the same time, their followers and likes can also reach you, which is another benefit.

Posts with images carry higher engagement rates because imagine this; if you are scrolling on your home page, a picture will catch your eye more than a paragraph of words. It is essential to have attractive visuals when posting content on social media.

One of the best strategies to reach more audiences on Instagram is explicitly the $1.80 strategy.  It doesn’t matter if you have a million followers or you’ve created a new profile today. This strategy is excellent for anyone looking to build more followers and a stronger community online. 

“The truth is, the way to win on social media is to be social.” – Gary Vee. 

However, it is crucial to understand user’s psychology. This is not just a random theory, but it is a piece of practical advice that has worked for many successful accounts, such as Gary Vee, who was the first to apply this strategy on his platforms. The number of followers you have means nothing if you cannot build a community of similar-minded people who care and engage with your posts; becoming part of the conversation is the only real way to do this from scratch. 

The 1.80 strategies are broken down into the following three easy steps: 

  1. Find the best hashtag to follow: in this article, meditation will be the example to use. Imagine that you are in a deep meditation state after practicing for so many years, and now you want to do a business out of meditation or grow your brand. It is essential to realize the most relevant hashtags in this, such as: 
  • #meditation
  • #zen
  • #freeyourmind
  • #spiritaulity 
  • #wellness
  • #awareness
  • #meditate 

The best aspect of searching for hashtags is that you can quickly identify related tags to your industry. Once you search for posts related to meditation, Instagram will automatically recommend associated hashtags to follow. Spend time searching for the most popular hashtags and those that have the most significant impact. Spend around 20 seconds on the top 9 posts on each hashtag. Once you’ve found the perfect hashtag, the first thing you need to do is identifying who the person. Identify the account, read their bio, understand their likes and activity. 

  1. Leave a comment

After identifying the top 9 posts from the top 10 hashtags, you can now leave your 0.2, meaning going your thoughts and trying to give value to the post to where you can. If someone in the comments section has unanswered questions and knows the answer to their question, go ahead and answer them. Comment, like, respond, engage and share.

You don’t have to write paragraphs and don’t use robotic words like “follow me,” just keep it balanced. Be real and authentic to yourself and the person in the post because we all know what a spam comment looks like. Always say something, ask questions and engage! 

  1. Comment, like, and engage. 

It is easy as it sounds. The process is. 0.2 cents on nine posts for ten hashtags adds up to $1.80. Even if there was only one follower a day, it is guaranteed that a lesson will be learned. You will learn something new about the platform, culture, or any topic that interests you. Leaving that 0.2 and becoming part of the community is essential. straightforward

Start applying the $1.80 strategy and watch your platforms grow. It will slowly build an audience that knows you and appreciates your posts and content. In the morning, on your lunch break, or when you get home, watch and consume 90 pieces of content a day, which will help you strategize the content you will post on social media. That’s a great use of three hours every day!

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