Privacy-Focused Google Announcement: How Will it Affect Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing and Google.

Google Changes Privacy Settings, and it’s Digital Marketing Tactics.

Google announced that they would be making changes to their Privacy Policy in the upcoming months. Businesses worldwide are concerned about how this will affect them and how it might affect digital marketing. This is going to be a massive change for Google, which has profound implications for digital marketing.

Google pledged to render third-party cookies in Chrome to increase web browsing privacy for online users. Unlike, Firefox and Safari have blocked cookies for a short period making, Google implements a new set of technical solutions to replace the tracking system of cookies. On the other hand, other web browsers respond to the privacy demands by blocking third-party cookies. Google noticed that this is not a sustainable solution because removing cookies harms websites that rely on ads for income and encourage tracking techniques like fingerprinting that reduce user control and privacy. 

Fingerprinting can collect characteristics of the user activity to build a user profile similar to the cookies system, aiming to identify the person using it. On the other hand, fingerprinting can work around by blocking ads and users who usually clean their cookies. Therefore, Google is hoping that the Privacy Sandbox will not break the infrastructure of the websites that use cookies and continue collecting valuable data for marketers and advertisers but avoids unethical and invasive tracking devices. 

What Does This Mean for Marketers? 

The new updates from Google will indeed have a vast shake in all its aspects of digital marketing. Chrome has a digital presence with a 69% market share on desktops and 40% on mobile devices globally. Therefore, the good news is that the trials are set to start by the end of the year where Google will predict the strategy that it will take two years to implement, and Google is ready to work with advertisers and marketers to make sure that all the stakeholders will benefit from the new program. So, there is plenty of time for marketers to prepare for dramatic changes. 

In conclusion, every marketer must ensure. Google informed about all the possible changes and upgrades related to digital marketing—particularly those with alterations with multifaceted systems like third-party cookies. You can always rely on digital marketing agencies like Content Dream Team to spice up your marketing strategies and discover new ways to monetize your content doing your business not only survive but thrive!

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