Organic or Paid Social Media? Which One Is Better For Your Business?

Social Media Marketing. 

Organic and paid social media landscapes are constantly evolving. New platforms are rising to the top. New technologies also increase users’ participation and content. Organic social media is shrinking as the leading networks use social media channels to monetize their platform investments. But, which one best fits your business? Continue reading! 

Organic social media content is posted for free, while pain social media content is shared with money to help you reach a larger target audience. Organic posts show up on the Feeds of people you already follow, making these posts to more people as your audience can share and engage with them. 

On the other hand, organic social media refers to free content such as stories, memes, videos, articles, pictures, and posts shared with many people online, including businesses. This sounds easy, but organic social media posts are considered the best foundation of all digital marketing strategies because they are the best way to nurture connections with your audience.

Paid social media content will also show up on the feeds you already follow, making your posts show more to people making more audience share and engage with your content. 

The world of paid and organic content can cross wide paths. For example, you can pay to boost an organic post and get it in front of more people. This is an effective strategy for organic bases that have been performing well on social media platforms recently. 

According to digital marketers, paid social media is a rebound after the uncertainty of 2020. Users increased the time spent online, but they are now addicted to online shopping, e-commerce, and online stores. 

What Are The Best Tips To Consider In Both Kinds Of Content? 

If you’re not sure which platform to use for your organic or paid social posts, the first thing to ask yourself is, where is my audience?

If you already have a large audience on a specific social platform, this is where you should be posting organic content. If you don’t have a large audience following you yet, but you’re looking to grow your audience, choose the platforms where your target audience spends most of their time. You might know this from your customer research. 

An organic social media strategy can help you nurture your audience and your relationship with them. It also allows you: 

  1. Converting new customers by showing them what your services are about. 
  2. Establishing and growing your brand presence where people are spending most of their time. 
  3. Supporting and retaining existing customers. 

Therefore, organic social media marketing is slow and takes time to reach your business goals. It also takes a lot of time, experiments, and experience to get it right. But, a paid social media strategy is the easiest way to connect with your new audience. It also helps you: 

  1. Hit your business goals at a faster pace. 
  2. Reach a large audience in a short period. 
  3. Target your ideal customers more precisely. 

Do a test when it comes to paid content. Try posting the same paid social ads to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, or other platforms that make the most sense for your business. Then, spend the same amount of money, target the same audience and see which drives the best results. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that YouTube is rearing its head as one of the most effective places to post video ads. This is a good potential that you can use to find your audience you never knew you were missing!

Stay posted with our articles to learn new lessons and strategies that are beneficial to your business! 

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