Learn the Similarities and Differences between Content Writing, Copywriting, and SEO Writing.

Content Writing. 

The tremendous difference between copywriting and content writing is the purpose each of them serves. Copywriting is selling your persona or your brand, and content writing is delivering valuable content. But what about SEO writing? 

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Writing is a profound form of communication that can be used in so many different ways! There are countless ways to divide the way we use writing, and those layers can become even more complex when taking into account how they’re applied to specific industries. Let’s try to categorize the different ways we can use writing for marketing and audience engagement by starting with content writing, copywriting, SEO writing, and what they all have in common.

Content Writing

When people hear the word ‘content writing,’ they directly link it to ‘writing articles.’ Content writing is more than that, and it includes different content formats such as: 

  1. YouTube video descriptions 
  2. Video scripts 
  3. Email newsletters 
  4. Keynote speeches 
  5. Social media posts 
  6. Podcast titles 
  7. Landing pages 
  8. White papers 
  9. Web page copy

In other words, it is the foundation for any content that you want to publish. Creating an outline is an excellent step in the content writing process to have a great piece of written content. It also helps your content come out in better ways for two main reasons: it outlines all your thoughts in an organized manner, speeding up the writing process. It also leads to better content format because an outline allows you to see the content from a high level which is usually impossible to notice as you’re writing. Once you have an outline, the final content will touch up all the significant points set out before starting to write. 

SEO Writing

It is a form of writing that helps websites become more noticed by major search engines. A website with high visibility appears on a few pages when someone searches that topic. The higher a website is ranked on Google, the more people will visit the website. More visitors mean more sales, more leads, more readers, and more fans. SEO writing is increasingly in demand, so having a clear understanding of more jobs entails. To be an excellent copywriter, one should be: 

  1. Writing grammatically correct, clear, and concise content. 
  2. Focusing on what the reader wants to know. 
  3. Naturally using SEO keywords. 
  4. Researching familiar topics 
  5. Using the proper tone to engage more readers.

Keywords are the search phrases that people type in when they are searching for information on the internet. Keywords can be made into many forms. For instance, if a reader wants to learn about online marketing, they might use ‘online marketing’ as keyword phrases. Therefore, due to the way search engines read pages, SEO writers must use keyword phrases the way they appear in article instructions. It is crucial to use many keywords as well as still sounding natural. A rule of thumb can be in a piece of 300 to 400 words, and it should aim for 5 to 7 keyword phrases and not introduce keywords more than ten times. 


This is the occupation of writing the text for advertising and marketing purposes. The product is called copy or sales copy, which is written content to increase brand awareness and persuade people to take a particular action. Numerous copywriters are employed in marketing, advertising, public relations, and copywriting agencies where clients can range from small to big companies. Copywriting can be made into many formats, such as: 


The internet has expanded on the range of copywriting opportunities, including landing pages, online advertisements, blogs, emails, social media, and many other formats that are available for online communications. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

This includes its objectives of higher rankings in search engines. It is primarily involved in the strategic placement of keywords and phrases on web pages. Writing for SEO has on pages writings that include the page concerned.

Writing is a primary way where business gets done in today’s online and collaborative world. When done well, business gets done well. Well-written proposals lead to more revenue, clearly written memos and reports lead to better insights, innovative marketing materials boost marketplace reputation. 

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