Join Clubhouse! But, What is Clubhouse?


It’s the latest chatting social media tool that is used all around the world!

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team 

Celebrities are on it. Scoring more invites to join. China banned it. Many people think it’s worth a billion dollars. What is it? It is the buzziest social media application in town. 

Welcome Clubhouse, the audio-only social media network application that recently reached many milestones. New social media applications fizz and pop. Some fail because of their features, while others kill it in a short time. 

What is Clubhouse?

It is a free, voice-based social media application allowing people to discuss anything on their minds. It is like being in a Zoom call with cameras turned off and not keeping track of who is talking. There are endless rooms where Clubhouse is still trying to hold a conversation without turning it into a chaotic shouting application. It is a mixture of TEDx talks and podcasts with community meetings and a call-in radio show. It includes songwriters, marketers, business people, and even users wondering how to survive an apocalypse can be an excellent way to pass the time during lockdowns. Furthermore, users can also have traditional conversations about different topic formats, like concerts, social media, marketing hacks, or even turning it into an old-school dating show. 

How does Clubhouse work? 

The clubhouse is currently only available on iOS applications making the rooms inaccessible on Web or Android devices. It’s working as an invite-only for now, which means that you need to know an existing user to use the application, and existing users should give the application access to their entire iOS contact lists by sending invites. Unlike Facebook and Twitter groups, Clubhouse rooms are more like conference calls with people acting like moderators on a virtual stage. These moderators can talk freely and can also call other members of the audience to participate. It is possible to know who is speaking by recognizing a grey helo around the user’s picture. Furthermore, anyone can start a room and allow anyone to join, allowing anyone to pop in and join. There are two kinds of rooms in Clubhouse; open rooms and closed rooms, which are only for guests. This application also has clubs that can create rooms and grow members. In Clubhouse, it is possible to follow clubs or people of your interest and participate and moderate in the rooms of their choice. 

What’s with Clubhouse’s Logo?

Did you wonder why Clubhouse has Axel Mansoor as a logo for the application? Who is Axel? Axel Mansoor is a songwriter, and he’s been running his Lullaby Club room in Clubhouse until he became famous for his interaction with his listeners and people who join his room. This was very beneficial for the application itself and became a win-win situation where the artist gets the platform, and the application gets the artist. 

Why Should Marketers Care About Clubhouse?

Brands who are willing to listen to the shared topics will give them a high learning opportunity and provide insights into what matters the most to their customers. These insights can influence product development and improve marketing strategies. Brands and online businesses can also make great use of this platform to develop deeper relationships with other brands and online users who care about the content that your room is talking about. It is an application made of a webinar and a podcast and can be used as a channel for postponed or canceled events due to the global pandemic. 

Clubhouse is strongly believed to be an essential communication platform that connects everyone with similar interests and causes traffic on the content you produce on this application. It is a crucial key for strategic growth. Clubhouse is authentic and has real people talking about endless topics.

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