Is E-mail Marketing Dead? Read This Article!

E-mail Marketing. 

E-mail marketing is the oldest channel in the digital world, but it is still widely used in the current days as well. Learn what makes e-mail marketing never die.

It is interesting to question if e-mail marketing is dead, making this topic debatable between marketers. Social media seems to take over the globe, and the restrictions have got on the nerves of so many businesses, but they’re still life for e-mail marketing. If you find this article interesting, stick around and continue reading. 

We were able to gather email lists and target audiences based on their positions in the funnels. Like all the marketing campaigns, the primary key for this personalization and tailoring of every e-mail is that it represents the recipient. It’s good to say that marketers have grown tentative relationships with e-mail marketing. Those who apply complex tasks will recognize a drop in their investments throughout the time. Many businesses used email marketing as a marketing channel because it offered better returns than other methods. 

In the modern marketing globe, we usually worry about clients ignoring our ads. This is the same with e-mail marketing because a large percentage of people instantly delete emails they didn’t want without looking at them. More people stopped opening emails, and the death of email marketing arose. On the other hand, ‘Statistica’ predicted that about 4.4 billion people would use email for their marketing while more than 2.6 billion people were already active on social media in 2018. 

It is good to know whether email marketing is down to engagement more than usage. But, if people ignore business, then the whole world can use emails, and it wouldn’t matter. But, if the social media engagement were compared, the numbers discovered are awe-inspiring since Facebook generated engagement rates of 0.15% for the average post. 0.046% on Twitter and 1.73% on Instagram. Instagram is generating more engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Their performance still pales in email comparison. Therefore, email marketing is still sparkling when it comes to reaching, ROI and engagement. To have better email marketing and target more leads, we advise you to follow these practices: 

  1. Segment your audience: segmentation is when you split up an audience on a specific metric. For instance, you can create groups according to their location, preferences, and subscriber activity. 
  2. Provide a reason: think of email adresses as currencies – would you give money away for free? Offering a basis is an excellent way to collect email adresses. This can be done in numerous ways, some people prefer something for free, and others would instead choose a newsletter or product updates. For instance, ‘Search Engine Journal’ uses email marketing in a small form on the right side, offering daily news and also ask about the topics that their users are interested in, helping them provide more valuable content. You can also submit ebooks, white papers, and other downloadable documents sent to their email addresses. You can’t decide what is right and wrong for your business path. It is also critical to consider a solid call to action, and copywriting is vital in email marketing. You should establish your credibility, explain what the emails are for, and get people interested in having them.
  3. Give excellent content: expectations play a significant role in email marketing. Therefore, if your call to action is attractive and strong, then your follow-up will be consistent, and you can eventually count on successful email campaigns. 

For instance, just like having targeted paid ads, dividing your list will give you the ability to send more emails to targeted clients. Some clients want product and sales updates when others only want to hear about new versions and updates. The sales team would like to hear about new sales features but not used as marketing tools. 

You can move towards email segmentation and analytics when you master the basics of it. Start by sending different types of emails to other kinds of groups of people. This way, you can deliver better valuable emails. For more articles like these, keep in touch with us on

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