Improve Your Marketing by Reaching all 4 Personality Types in Your Content!

 Improve your marketing by reaching all 4 personality types in your content!

The Four A’s of Marketing to All Personality Types.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

No two human beings are the same out of the seven billion people on this planet. Everyone has different factors that influence their uniqueness and behavior, depending on where they were raised and their personal experiences. There are endless factors that contribute to everyone’s complexities and labeling each individual as different. 

It is almost impossible to categorize human beings entirely because there are similarities that group all of them. Therefore, grouping people by personality type can be helpful. Understanding the four personality types can help marketers understand consumer tendencies, like reaching them and convincing them. Knowing the audience allows marketers to personalize their content and create engagement with every single interaction. 


Assertive individuals are competitive, goal-oriented, independent, and driven to results. In other words, these individuals are type A people. If a service or product fails to create any value or advantage, then it is useless. The most excellent way to market to such personality types is by showing them the company’s benefits compared to their competitors. Professionalism and a simple pitch are excellent ways to win them over. Informing them as opposed to appealing to their emotional side will increase engagement. 


Amiable consumers continuously need to be assured of trust in building a client relationship. They mostly value reliability and consistency. They get typically excited by people and new challenges. They are primarily interested in a creative imagination but don’t act quickly and lose interest faster. When marketing to the amiable, you should be exciting as possible. Act as guidance through the whole buying process without mentioning the unnecessary details because they only care about the big picture. It is essential to let them know how the service or product can influence them, their social interactions, and their lives. Providing customer feedback and experiences can also gain their attention. 


These are creative, outgoing, relationship-focused individuals and are as detailed as the assertive. The excellent approach to these vastly sympathetic but fact-oriented people shows them testimonials and provides them case studies. They offer a trusting and personal background backed by first-hand accounts—using testimonial videos to focus on positive customer feedback instead of life-altering possibilities. 


These consumers rely on facts, statistics, data, and figures when making a decision. They appreciate details but are slow are making final decisions. They tend to conduct well-thought research making them cautious decision-makers. Advertising to the analytical must be layered with content that carries plenty of facts, statistics, and figures. Numbers speak the most to them. 

Personalities are tricky and sometimes challenging. Marketing to all personalities at once is possible – a results page for the assertive, follow blogs for the amiable, testimonial video for the attentive, and statistic reports for the analytics. No matter your marketing strategy, it is always crucial to consider the audience because you are a marketer and a consumer!

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