How to Optimize your Content in 2021 – SEO Tips and Best Practices.

Top SEO trends to drive more traffic in 2021.

 How to make killer content that’s also SEO-friendly in 2021?

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective way to attract customers to your website. But you have to use it in the right way. To generate organic traffic, your need to be ranked on one of the pages of SERP. But, SEO is continuously evolving. This article will go over important trends that you can use for your SEO success in 2021. 

Keyword research

More than half of the searches are zero-click searches, which means that more than half of Google searches are left without any clicks. This is because of rich results in SERP or the Google Business lists with menus and contact information featuring snippets with answers to related questions. It is essential to find all the targeted words for your business. This needs some creativity and skills to catch those words. SEO tools are necessary to use, but it is also crucial to analyze the SERP for the keywords before choosing them. 

Google always needs original content.

Great content plays a significant role in SEO and ranking. Organic and authentic content is essential for business more than just branding. Would you buy shoes in the same color and design that you already have? No! The same thing with content. There are hundreds of pages that have similar content on the same topics that are indexed on Google. If you make a piece of content with very similar content to something that already exists, why would Google rank your content above the original work of content? Why would other users bother to look past the top-ranked results? This is why your content should be useful, organic, authentic, and adds value to your work in your unique brand voice and language. 

Influencer SEO

Influencers are the ones with thousands of followers, and these followers may become your customers if you view your business in front of them. These influencers earn the trust of your potential customers’ audience over the years, and if they come forward for support, the ROI can be vast. However, you should be very specific about choosing the influencers. Not every influencer will help your brand. You should select the ones that have the right audience to benefit your business. 

To recap, these are a few SEO trends that you have to consider in 2021. Keep these significant trends in mind to continue driving traffic to your website in the coming years. 

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