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Great staff placed in the best positions can let you smoothly build your content marketing team. This is why you should select the best combination of players on the field or hire your Content Dream Team!

Your content marketing team will need a professional strategist, a writer to create content, and a designer to polish the right picture. At Content Dream Team, we will teach you what makes the highest-performing content creators of your marketing team so remarkable. So, how should you hire these types of people to build the section of your dream? 

  1. The Giver 

The givers or the marketing strategist are their actual labels. They enjoy giving to other people and always place their agency, employees, and people first and ahead of themselves. They are always the first ones to arrive at the office and the last ones to leave. They are also loyal to the rules that they make. Giving dedication makes them so great and unique, giving so much that they sometimes burn out. 

Givers strongly believe in .’business management and its leadership. They can internalize the company’s mission and make excellent strategies for their sales and leads. They can also add focus on future goals and short-term gains. 

What They Are Great AtWhat They Are Not So Good At
Client ServiceEngineering
Marketing StrategySales
Administrative WorkCOO
Software DevelopmentCEO
Executive SupportCreative

When deciding to start up your content marketing team, there are some tricks and tips that you can keep in mind to know  whether the candidate is the giver or not:

  • Begin your interview in a relaxed manner, a giver will respond calmly to this approach, and they don’t prefer taking charge of the conversations. 
  • Use some behavioral interview techniques by asking for examples of the characteristics, such as caring, dedication, and hard work in their professional and personal lives. 
  • Ask how they handle conflicts. A mature giver learns to overcome their natural aversion to such problems. 
  • Ask the candidate if they would work extra hours or sacrifice to help the team. 
  1. The Savant 

The savants are those who are incredibly talented in one field. They are creative, intelligent, and have the willingness to learn new skills. They usually admire literature and are excellent writers. They are habit-oriented and always have to follow a specific routine, but they are also free to do so. They can work with big projects and turn them in quickly. Savants also take great pride in what they do, but their perfectionism is a double-edged sword. They usually struggle with self-criticism and are sometimes prone to depression. They also work with social anxiety and interpersonal interactions. Savants can also quickly produce great writing pieces for your content marketing team. Their mastery in writing is combined with innate motivation and creativity, making them unique content creators. They are also detail-oriented and are excellent researchers and editors. 

What They Are Good AtWhat They Are Not Good At
Marketing SupportCEO / COO
Research and AnalysisSales
Writing and EditingExecutive Support
  • It is essential to make a savant feel comfortable and lead into hard questions gently. Savant’s self-criticism and social anxiety can make the interview a little challenging for them. 
  • Ask direct and specific questions that can lead directly to the information that you need to know. Savants don’t like to toot their horns, and will barely volunteer more information about their advancement or accomplishments.
  • Don’t be a job-hopping their past positions were not related to their talent. Savantssometimes jump from one job to another until they find the perfect place to pour their skills. 
  1. The Matrix Thinker 

Matrix thinkers express themselves through art and are creative by nature. They constantly absorb information from everything around them and have a solid ability to think in the abstract. They have combined abilities to connect the dots between random ideas, making them excellent problem solvers who can conceptualize new products and services. They can sometimes confuse people with their out-of-the-box thinking. They get bored and distracted easily, and at their worst, they can be impulsive, abrasive, and chaotic. Mature Matrix Thinkers learn to overcome their tendencies. They have an imaginative drive, artistic eyes, and creativity that makes them optimal designers. 

What They Are Good AtWhat They Are Not Good At 
Graphic ArtsCustomer Service
Software Development Executive Support
Marketing StrategySales
Creative DirectionAdministrative

When hiring people of artistic types on your content marketing team, you should follow some specific guidelines: 

  • Quest for career advancement and if they have been employed in related positions. Matrix Thinkers are triggered to achieve, and if they were placed in boring jobs, they would quickly move on to something more exciting. 
  • Provide open-ended questions that can allow the candidate to expand upon things like their accomplishments and goals. Matrix Thinkers prefer questions that provide answers beyond ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ 
  • Ask for their creative work and talk about how they prefer to express themselves with art and design projects that they had led and worked on to find unique solutions for the problems. 

When you know what motives are the personality types for each position, how they identify them. This way, the recruitment process is much easier to build your marketing Dream Team. When you hire all the professional stars, nothing will stop our company from outstanding achievements. 

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