Get your work organized!

Do you panic or procrastinate to get your work organized? Trello is your solution.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team.                                                           7 MIN READ

Whether you are planning a website, content, company – site, or even a vacation, Trello is customizable for all your needs. Trello is a tool that organizes your projects into boards and cards. It shows you what is being worked on, who is doing what, and where the work is progressing. It is similar to a whiteboard filled with notes, and each message is a task for your team. 

Trello is very flexible to use, free and easy. It has a visual way to manage your projects and organize everything. It is one of the smartest applications. 

What are Trello’s Features? 

  • Detailed Overviews of front and back cards.
  • Easy drag and drop option. 
  • An easy organization with labels, comments, and tags. 
  • Easy Upload.
  • Data Filter. 
  • File Attachments.
  • Voting Options. 
  • Group and Individual task assignments. 
  • Deadline Alerts and notifications. 
  • Easy upload from local devices, Google Drive, and Dropbox. 
  • Discussions. 
  • Card Records archive.
  • In-Line Editing. 
  • Progress Checklist.
  • Email notifications.
  • Mobile friendly views for iOS and Android. 
  • Customer Support. 

What are the benefits of Trello that you will have?

  1. Well – Organized Boards and Cards. 

The developers of Trello looked for the easiest way to organize the workflow in a friendly manner. With a board assigned for each project, a card for each task, a minimal percentage of confusion is possible because all of the assignments are in order and are tracked with performance lists. 

  1. Collaboration. 

Trello is a high collaboration system that can be easily justified by the number of team features that are available in the system. When using it, it is possible to enable the entire team to participate in essential discussions in group meetings and chat sessions. This system also allows you to upload files directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. 

  1. Neat Editing. 

Trello’s primary goal is to keep your project management organized to ensure that you can edit tasks in order by using the most straightforward drop and drag mechanic. The lists are all customized, which means you can follow your interest metrics and use the automated notifications to stay on track with any changes made on the boards. 

Recent Trello Updates made in 2020. 

  • Advanced Checklists – Trello lists got a much-needed makeover. 
  • Card Covers & Colors – Make your boards more organized and visually appealing.
  • Dark Mode – iOS and Android introduced Dark Mode for Trello. 
  • Trello is FedRAMP – Authorized – Trello is now certified for governmental agencies’ usage. 
  • Trello Business Class Free Trial – Get the most out of Trello, for free. 

Lastly, Trello can help you have a high-level view of what is going on inside your organization and across many teams. Having team leaders who track goals and provide updates on the cards set the precedence for visibility for all the top priority stakeholders. 

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