Facebook and Instagram have Issues!

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Facebook is not the social media king anymore, and Instagram is losing it. What is going on?

Facebook is not the social media king anymore. More than 40% of its users are above 65; it is by no means that Facebook is struggling. It is undeniable that it is losing ground with the younger generations, who prefer more interactive experiences provided by Instagram, Snapchat, and the rising king, TikTok. 

After many problems recorded in the data breach scandal in 2018, Facebook started to lose its credibility. Many people became very angry with the platform’s proliferation of fake news, cyberbullying, and political propaganda. Digital marketers must consider their target market because Facebook might not be suitable for many campaigns, especially if it continues to trend downwards. Facebook is losing due to its reputation as this platform is for ‘old people. Also, marketers must be careful with who they are trying to connect with while making sure their target audience is available on Facebook. If not, then marketers are wasting their time on the wrong platform. 

Therefore, if you’ve been on social media marketing recently, you will be able to notice that the organic reach has decreased over the past years. If you are new in the industry, you will be questioning if you are doing something wrong. But, it’s probably not you. It’s the platforms. 

Furthermore, another platform that is having problems is Instagram. The rise on Instagram is already visible and has passed more than one billion users, an impressive number. This means that it is one of the rapidly growing platforms, and much of its user base is the younger demographic, specifically under 30. One problem that marketers must consider is that Instagram decided to remove the likes feature from the platform, making many influencers voice their concerns about this action. Marketing companies should keep a close eye on its impact in 2021 because it might lead to a shift in content quality. Many users might drift away from this platform, looking for vanity metrics somewhere else. 

In conclusion, people are starting to lose interest in writing on Facebook’s walls. This platform is losing market share among young users and marketers in general. Instagram is also falling down the hill. As marketers, it is essential to think twice about which platform to use for your business. 

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