Did You Know That Google Made New Updates? No? Read this Article!

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What is Google introducing in the next update, and why you should consider them for your business.

Google has new announcements that everyone should know about. These upgrades were supposed to be available to the public last year, but they will be available soon this year due to the pandemic. The complete updates that Google is planning to make are the following: 

LaMDA this new feature applies its knowledge of many subjects to have better contextual results, answers, and better conversations. This feature is still in beta now, but it will provide all of Google’s products. 

Smarter Google Maps through AR, Google’s maps live view will carry virtual street signs that will point towards landmarks, hotels, and restaurants while also providing indoor navigation. It will also have detailed information about the location sensitivity. Due to the pandemic, Area Busyness will also show you how busy an area is before you go out. 

Complexity Management Google Lens will provide better information in collaboration with AI updates. For example, learning resources will be received in different languages when snapping a picture of a math problem. 

Privacy & Security Google will include new password tools that have password importer from other applications with deeper integrations across Chrome and Android. Password alerts will also include a quick-fix feature in Chrome that takes you to compromised accounts to change passwords. You will discover a new privacy control in applications, like quick ways to delete search history and the ability to turn off location history in Google Maps and locked features in Photos. 

Work from home an update to Google Workspace dubbed Smart Canvas uses more AI for better language suggestions; on the other hand, Google Meet is getting a companion mode later this year that will use AI to automatically zoom camera views for better face display and provide custom views. Google Meet will also be available for everyone, and not just enterprise users. 

Google Maps Eco-friendly routes for fuel-efficient ways and safer routing on the roads, traffic conditions, and weather. 

Google constantly surprises us with the updates that they are making. There is a competition going on between Apple and Google. We will keep you updated with further updates in later articles, and you are most welcome to read more articles!

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