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Content Marketing. 

Do you want a content management team that will turn your content into high-quality performances? Continue reading this article!

The wrong content management team can weigh down all your efforts to generate leads and sales. Excellent structure, strategy, and execution ensure that the content produces ROI and that nobody on the team is too stretched or suck at doing tasks. 

To improve the setup, it is essential to define the content team roles how their skills are combined to achieve tasks and troubleshoot common problems. Having a content manager and a writer on several teams will give you an inside look at what works and what doesn’t work. 

To begin with, categorize your team into what is better for your team and, most notably, the following: 

  • Creator: someone who writes blog posts, creates videos and social media content.
  • Manager: executes the strategy by assigning tasks to the perfect creators.  
  • Strategist: drives strategy for targeting audience, promotions, and SEO. 

Your content marketing team might be shaky at first, with messy collaboration and wasted resources. But, with suitable structures, you should start looking for new tools that will help you boost your creative team. 

Content Calendar and Planning 

You should plan all your content for the blog posts that you write, email newsletters, and social media posts. This will help you in having instant insights into what content is published and what should be prepared. 

Content Optimization and Reviewing 

Writers should create and optimize content for readability and SEO. There should also be features for approvals and comments. 

Content Publishing 

The perfect content marketing team will publish to your digital marketing platforms without the need for a manual entry. The content publisher will do the following: 

  • Top social media networks
  • Website
  • Email newsletters 

Content Analysis and Reporting 

With all that is happening with your content marketing team, it will be easier to get informative analytics. You will be able to analyze your content across campaigns, channels, content funnels, and much more. 

Therefore, content marketing is not easy. If it is too sales-y, readers will be turned off and will not choose to read your content. You have to concentrate on your potential customers. To add fuel to your challenging fire, developing a content marketing team structure is the issue. 

A Content Marketing Manager is a person who manages content from end to end. The nature of the content marketing manager’s role depending on the size and organization of the agency. Here are the common ways that this role can be structured: 

  • The content marketing manager is an outsourced and fractional role given to a freelance copywriter or an agency.
  • The content marketing manager is a full-time dedicated position. 

Hiring a content marketing manager can be tricky since this role requires someone that should be well-rounded with a creative and strategic mindset, people skills, and writing chops. It is also essential to ensure that this individual understands your service and brand so the content is relevant and targeted. 

The content marketing manager needs to fulfill the social media marketer and creative coordinator role in many companies. The content marketing team structure can be weighed down when the content manager is busy. When it comes to wearing several hats, the content marketing manager takes on several responsibilities. 

With the Content Dream Team, we take care of it to grow your business while we handle the details. 

You can also contact us to know more about content management teams and learn about our services!

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