Become a Professional Growth Hacker in 5 Easy Steps.

Growth Hackers are NOT Marketers!

How to become a growth hacker? What makes a great growth hacker? Is growth hacking legal? The easiest and less costly way to become a growth hacker.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team.

Growth Hacking became a trending phrase for the past few years. Many people have heard of it, used it, applied it, and ended up having a completely new mindset for several entrepreneurs. Big companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, and Yelp used this technique to fuel their rise from start-up household names. Growth Hacking includes a significant shift from conventional marketing to the sole purpose of helping a small business go viral. The best growth hackers generate significant impact with minimum cost and effort so, if your strategy includes a lot of time and money investment to reach the goal desired, then it is more of a growth strategy than a growth hack.

A great example of growth hacking is Groupon. When the company was launched, numerous people sign up for a whole deal before getting the offer. As a result, nervous buyers shared values with their relatives and friends, so they don’t miss a great opportunity. Every time this sharing happened, Groupon attracted more and more users to market the offers too. In one year, Groupon’s revenue increased by 228%. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that our business will be the next Groupon, but anyone can take advantage of growth hacking to better business.

First, is growth hacking legal?

Growth hacking isn’t illegal, and it is not about hacking through firewalls or computers, or hard drives. If you search “Growth Hacking,” you will discover that growth hacking services are provided in Dubai. Therefore, there is a significant misunderstanding around this practice. People might think that this activity is illegal because it contains the word “hack” in the name. Hacking is linked to criminal activity of passing through firewalls and looking at private documents. But, growth hacking does not involve any idea of being hacked. Still, it instead uses content strategies that work best to help a company target consumer base, so there’s nothing illegal about this activity

have the most fantastic growth hack, follow the five steps below:

1.     Run many experiments all at once

All the businesses are different, but there’s one common thread connecting all of them: not every growth hacking idea will be successful. Instead, it will take several attempts before finding the perfect strategy that will best work for your business, but once you find it, you can tremendously tap on the full potential and launch your business forward.

2. Start small and test the hypothesis

If your big strategy didn’t work on more than 25k users, you should prove that the concept tried has significant market traction.

3. Analyze data

The devil is in the details. You are not investing your time and money if you’re not using technology to track results. Google Analytics is the technological solution, a survey platform, or CRM. It is essential to analyze your growth hacking results and make every effort to quantify every time’s value. With time, you will build a valuable analysis of your success, making it possible for you to use the knowledge to inform future decisions.

4. Keep an eye on competitors

If your competitors are experiencing growth, the odds are that the same technique will work for your business. But, don’t rely on mimicking your competitor’s ideas. This will get competition instead of attention towards your business, especially if the competing company calls out on you. You should make your spin on the idea and make it fit your business, branding, and customers only.

5. Invest wisely and be patient

If you are scared of spending money to try new approaches, you’ll never see results from growth hacking. Also, don’t waste money on hacks that promise overnight results. That pretty impossible. Be patient and observe for signs that an effort will pay off, whether from customer satisfaction or brand awareness. Each outcome will promote endless growth, which is the ultimate goal for a growth hacker.

Growth hacking is not just for startups. Any kind of business looking to increase is capable of adopting the principles carried behind growth hacking. With time and effort, it will be possible to see excellent results.

On the other hand, little steps can be used to reach excellent growth hacking strategies, especially for startups:

·        Launch email lists.

·        Attend community events.

·        Build a social media community.

·        Follow your competitors.

·        Work with influencers.

·        Create aggressive content strategies.

·        Do guest posting.

·        Use all types of marketing.

·        Send gifts and rewards to your customers.

Content strategies are forever endless, complex, and always evolving in new advertising ways that are always popping up. Entrepreneurs still require the best marketing companies to provide suitable strategies that work best with their business. 

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