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Who are we? What do we do?

We are a full-service content management & distribution team that manages, edits, repurposes, and publishes content on behalf of creators like you.

The Content Dream Team is your Social Media Management, Content Management, Content Strategy, Content Repurposing, and Content Distribution Team. We are focused on Organic Content Marketing and Brand Growth across social media, web, and digital platforms.

There are many abbreviations, such as SEO, SERP, CDN, and CRM, in digital brand marketing and social media.  CDT is the one you should remember. 

CDT stands for “Content Dream Team.” It is also the best solution you are looking for to optimize, manage, and distribute your content. Let CDT handle the edits, strategy, repurposing, and delivery of your content so that you can focus on creating entertaining and exciting original content for your brand.  We take your original content and make it work for you. Our Relentless Content Program is designed to help your brand deliver consistent quality content that will result in more leads and conversions. 

I have already mentioned some benefits of CDT’s services, but let us look at some more direct ways that CDT can impact your set-up process, productivity, and online visibility.

  1. Our Co-managed Content Service is stress-free. 

As part of our onboarding, your company will receive a full-on content strategy and content calendar. This is an excellent tool for your internal team to plan out future original content pieces that speak to your audience from your voice. We support you all along the way. Our expert team of creatives and marketing strategists will partner with you so that you’ll never run out of ideas, and your brand voice and outreach will have a more significant impact. We are invested in your success! We work with you every step of the way.  Our team will manage and distribute your content, customize your social media profiles, edit your videos, and optimize your content for organic growth.  

As a result, CDT can remove the burden of social media publications. You do not have to worry about having your content optimized. 

  1. SEO Features and Extensions. 

Still, want more? CDT also offers to add – ons to your Compounded Content or Relentless Content Plan to maximize and optimize your posts for search engines. 

  1. Custom Designs, Videos, Graphics, and More!

CDT services include custom-designed, edited, and repurposed content.  Our Content Dream Team includes creatives that can make magic happen with your content always to keep things looking fresh and on point with your audience.  We also offer branded design templates that allow you to quickly customize the appearance of your brand, images, and articles. Not only does CDT save your time, but we also ensure that your content looks professional, creative, and consistent with your brand style guide. 

*Brand Style Guide?…. Yeah, we do that too.  Click this link and find out more about that add-on.

  1. Simple and Quick Updates

The CDT weekly process enables your team to do any final reviews before changes. We train you and give you full access to your content, so you and your team can be involved in the creative and distribution process. You will have full transparency. We make the review and change request process very easy, like changing your post’s image, changing an audio clip inside a video, or repurposing your text related content. This allows you to keep your content more relevant, unique, and dynamic. 

  1. CDT customization 

With CDT, your content will be professionally designed, customized, and optimized every week. Delivering consistent and optimized content every week will help you to reach the top search engine goals and get in front of your ideal audiences to gain that extra boost for your brand’s relevance, credibility, and traffic. 

By hiring CDT, you will be satisfied with your content distribution ease of use, friendly, and flexible timing. CDT is a business with diverse content strategists, designers, writers, social media experts, video editors, and much more!

Using the CDT content management process, you will build and manage your brand’s presence across all your desired social media platforms that will help you grow over time. Not only do we nurture cross-platform collaboration, but we also support collaboration across teams, allow quick and effortless updates, and offer the best content that you can have representing your brand on your social media and blog.

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