5 Highly Affective Marketing Lead Magnets.

Content Marketing. 

It is called a lead magnet, and if you don’t have one, this article will change your life.

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team. 

Lead Magnet –noun- is an irresistible offering in a specific value for clients in exchange for their contact information. The primary purpose of a lead magnet is to increase the number of targeted leads that you are getting for an offer. It’s the first baby step for the Customer Value Optimization process. 

Here are some excellent lead magnets should not be complex, lengthy, or time-consuming to create. It is a simple equation where you just need to create a solution for a specific problem. The consumer should consume the Lead Magnet for the impact that it has. An excellent lead magnet offers tremendous value in five minutes. 

  1. Handout/Cheat Sheet 

Handouts and cheat sheets work the best and have a different feel than guides or reports. They are usually very short and cut straight to the specific point and can be delivered as mind maps or checklists. 

  1. Survey/Quiz 

Online quizzes and surveys can be very engaging ways to attract more leads. To get the quiz results, participants should provide an email address, and the results of the surveys and quizzes are sent to that email address. It is possible to use a quiz building tool to create quizzes. This is how Quiz Lead Magnets function. This type of lead magnet is fun and interactive to attract new leads. 

  1. Sales Material 

Sometimes, the desired piece of information for the market is descriptions and pricing for products and services. For instance, Ikea uses contact information to send their catalogs, allowing them to deliver it for gratification and consumption. 

  1. Free Shipping and Discounts 

Whether online or off-line, discount clubs or free shipping can be a compelling Lead Magnet type for people who are selling physical products. Famous companies like Kate Spade, Code&Quill and Framebridge offer discount percentages when offering delivery and shipping, 

  1. Video Editing 

If you have the skills, a video can be a very effective way to put out your lead magnet. For example, Marketo uses video tools as lead magnets to attract people to use their tools. 

Lead magnets should never be vague, and they should offer ultra-specific solutions to the market. Everyone needs a magic pill, so it is always essential to deliver big promises to all the little ones. For more articles like this one, visit www.contentdreamteam.com

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