2021 Facebook Update Predictions

What are the rising trends on Facebook in 2021? What are updates awaiting us on the new year? How will Facebook improve after the massive, global lockdown?

As one of the biggest social media platforms, there are several things to keep up with for 2021. Facebook will carry many updates in the coming year. Five of these updates are: 

  1. Facebook Live Added Features. 

Facebook Live is all about what is happening in the current minute. It is not a surprise that Live videos draw more engagement than a video that is no longer available. According to Facebook, people watch Live Videos three longer than videos that are not live or uploaded on the home feed. It is a dream for engaging, driving interactions, and focusing on real-time content. Facebook Live exists more dynamically than other social media platforms and vulnerable to evolution and growth with updates. Live videos on Facebook make incredibly viral content. Facebook was adopted in 2016. It grew four times ever since. The urgency behind the Live broadcast makes this platform carry an extraordinary impact on users. Users on Facebook aren’t only watching Live videos, but they are also creating ones, making them produce content that can skyrocket with interactions. It is mostly used for influencers and social media content creators. It concluded that the average users share thoughts and experiences with their friends. It is also becoming an advantage for marketers, making them see a positive effect on brand awareness. 

  1. Facebook Video Marketing. 

Videos are considered to be consumers’ favorite type of content on social media. Facebook videos continue to feature among the top marketing strategies. Videos on Facebook become popular faster than any other content published on the platform. It is crucial to keep the video length in mind. Videos between 65 seconds and 5 minutes provide the best performance. 

  1. Online Shopping Sponsorship. 

Online shopping played a significant role in user engagement, especially during the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People spent more time at home, which meant that there were many opportunities for online small businesses. It didn’t take long for Facebook to play its role; it launched Facebook Shops to inspire people to do their shopping as they sit in their house and have their shopping delivered to their door. Facebook allowed merchants to make their online store to promote and sell their products more actively than selling from their shops. It is predicted that Facebook will make a sponsorship with several online shopping accounts, but which stores and products are still unknown. 

  1. Facebook News Feed remains the emperor.

To deeply understand the 2021 trends of Facebook, essential to consider the advertising tactics that Facebook uses. One of the Facebook that is expected in 2021 is new business ad strategies that will be focused on the news feed. Facebook news feed received 58% of relative ads that will be spent on businesses, more than instream videos or live videos. There is no doubt as to why brands are focusing their efforts on the news feed. It’s because Facebook’s news feed carries the highest click rates. 

  1. Hashtags usage improved.

Hashtags were first introduced over a decade ago on Twitter until platforms like Linkedin and Facebook adopted this feature. Facebook didn’t show this feature; for 2021, it is working on widening the hashtag feature by helping users increase the reach of their content and encourage them to make more engagement. It will be introducing a list of the desired hashtag based on the predictive text from the user’s keyboards. It will also include several posts that contain the same hashtag that is already available on Facebook. This feature is still being tested, but Facebook confirms that hashtags’ rise is only the beginning of the possible updates. There is also a wide chance that hashtags will be the fastest rising trends in Facebook 2021.

Facebook is known to be the emperor of social media because it is widely known that Facebook’s reign remains. If you were a business, the best bet you can do to hop on the Facebook trends is to craft the marketing strategy you use for social media. 

I hope that this article was helpful and will guide your social media marketing strategies. 

From the CDT family, we hope you will have a blessed, peaceful, joyous, and virus free year. 

Happy New Year! 

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