10 Easy Steps for Better SEO Copywriting!

SEO Copywriting.

How to optimize your writing for Google?

BY Nariman Azzam – Content Dream Team.

If you write or blog, you will want to be ranked high in search engines. To master this, you have to write content that can help Google understand the content you are posting to rate it. Use the below 10 SEO copywriting tips to help you optimize your writing. It is unnecessary to be an SEO expert to optimize content for Google. You can make it easy on yourself and use plugins like “Yoast,” and you’ll be able to track your progress. 

Headlines that Reflect Your Post

Spend some time creating headlines for your posts. For instance, if you are writing about copywriting tips, make sure to include this in the slug. A slug is a piece of text in the URL that can help SEO. It does not have to be the same as your headlines. Therefore, when you know what you’ll be writing about, spend some time on the words that you use in the headlines. Work on the phrases in your post and include numbers in your posts and articles. You can also use “Coschedule Headline Analyzer” to score your headlines and write better ones.

Keywords in the Headlines 

It is crucial to consider the most critical keywords in one or two of the headlines that you’ll write, but don’t overdo it. Coschedule and Yoast can analyze your headlines to check for keywords. 

Better Meta Descriptions 

After writing your headline, you should tell your readers what you are going to teach your readers. Many readers wouldn’t continue reading your article if they weren’t hooked by the headline or by introducing your post. Meta Descriptions are the snippets usually up to 155 characters, including a tag in the HTML, whose primary goal is to summarize the page’s content. On the other hand, search engines include meta description in the search results, especially when the phrase that is searched for is included in the description. Optimizing the meta description in your post is essential for better SEO results. 

Outbound Links

It is important to include links to authoritative and trusted websites, informing search engines that the content you provide is valuable and contains reliable resources for the readers. 

Longer Than 300 Words Post 

This is the minimum recommended for search engines, and you can write longer as well. 

Readability Statistics 

If readers or online users weren’t able to understand what you’ve written, you waste your time creating content. You should have an active voice and always consider writing in user-friendly language using short paragraphs with a lot of white space in the post. You also should make sure to format your text by using lists, correct font, headings, and subheadings. 

Inverted Pyramid Writing 

This type of writing is excellent for the web. Several people only read the beginning of the post, so it is crucial to include attractive information and add less critical information later on. 

Use Images 

Including images in your post can break the wall in your posts. You should include creating excitement and breaks that make the readers more interested in your posts. 

Consider Focus Keywords

You should consider the focus words in your post’s first paragraph for the best results, allowing the readers to continue reading.

Alt Text in Images 

When adding an image to your posts, you will be provided with an option of “Alt Text” when editing it. To find out what is inside the image-making search engines that look for the alt text. Using this option includes words that are related to the post and headlines. 

The internet world is fast-changing and dynamic. They can be unique ideas that bloom every day. People are curious to grasp new and fresh concepts every day. Keeping your posts updates that create stunning impressions for the post among online readers. These techniques can help you engage with regular and new visitors.

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