About Us

We are a full service content management & distribution team that manages, edits, repurposes and publishes content for content creators.

The Content Dream Team is your Social Media Management, Content Management, Content Strategy, Content Repurposing, and Content Distribution Team. We are focused on Organic Content Marketing and Brand Growth.

What We Do

Content Management and Social Media Management

We manage the day-to-day handling of all raw content and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube, adapting the content to suit different channels. As marketers, we do our best to come up with relevant and personalized content. Today’s marketing environment allows us to test a variety of content, provide a quick read on impact and support the ability to make changes in real-time. Our goals is to ensure you are continually refining content and maximizing performance.

Repurposing and Content Distribution

We help you plan and create your content to be as multi-use as possible, so it can be tested on several distribution channels. We take a single video, edit it for youtube, use the audio for a podcast, transcribe the video for a blog, use small segments of your video for social posts and Stories, etc. This allows us to leverage a single piece of content repeatedly and analyze its performance across multiple platforms.

Content Strategy, Calendar, & Publishing

We help form key relationships with influencers across the social media platforms and undertake audience research to continuously develop advanced content strategies.  When it comes to content, consistency is just as important as quality and quantity, if not more so. A consistent approach to content means a bigger audience, better engagement, and eventually, increased revenue. We help creatives focus on what they love and leave all of the marketing and disciplined distribution to us. Our publishing team will consistently cross-promote all of your content to optimize content engagement and platform algorithms.

Branding and Creative

As a content creator, you may be competing against big brands with devoted customers and unlimited marketing budgets. That’s why you have to find ways to stand out with a solid brand building process and consistent creativity. We approach creativity by daring to dream and being results oriented. Imagination is the purest form of exploration. It’s where we play, colliding ideas together to create something new; seeds that grow into powerful pieces of work. We are driven by our imaginations. After all, it’s only by daring to dream that we discover our goals and reach the greatest rewards for content creators.

Our Blog

We love creatives! Ask us how we can help manage and distribute your content to the masses!